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Rebuilt Colchester Lathes For Sale

Rebuilt Colchester Lathes for sale

Quality and reliability
1 year UK warranty

This rebuild includes:

  1. Full inspection
  2. Strip down
  3. Regrinding slideways
  4. Replacing worn or damaged parts
  5. Reassemble and alignment
  6. Inspection and alignment test
  7. Preparation and respray

One year UK parts and labour warranty.

These Colchester lathes are equipped as standard, with 3 & 4 jaw chucks, Low volt light and coolant supply.
A new two axis digital readout is an option.

Colchester Lathe Chuck sizeSpindle bore Centre distance


8" (200mm)1.62" (41mm) 24" (609mm)


10" (250mm)2.125" (53mm) 50" (1270mm)


12" (300mm)3" (76mm) 60" (1524mm)


12" (300mm)3.5" (88mm) 80" (2032mm)

Rebuilt Colchester Lathes for sale

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