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Large Machining Centre for sale

New 5 Axis Milling Centre for the fast and accurate machining of complex 3D surfaces, very common in the plastic and composites industry.

The T-Series is widely used for CNC milling moulds or for the typical machining operations in automotive, marine, aerospace, sport items. Other applications are CNC cutting, grooving, tapping of moulded fibreglass or other FRPs, carbon fibre, sandwich materials, thermoformed, or ABS, acrylics, moulds for casting.

CNC milling moulds

CNC machining centres for big cubic sizes.

The modular design of the L series makes it easily adaptable for a large work envelop along with a high degree of precision; Such as, machining large moulds for the boat, bus train, etc. or the machining of large composite parts used in aerospace and military sector.

CNC machining centre

5-axis CNC machines ideal for modelling and cutting operations on large cubic sizes. The moving bridge portal structure and design ensure high speeds, precision and quality of surface finish. Different configurations are available.

Typical applications are for the automotive, aerospace and naval industries, or the cross-sectors model and pattern makers. Among materials machined are FRPs, composite materials, resins, non ferrous alloys (for ex. Aluminium).

5 axis CNC machining centre

An extra rigid construction with opposing slide ways on the Z axis and the reinforced cross beam to ensure straightness and squareness are maintained even with its extra long Y-V-axes.

The F Series is a modular 5-Axis CNC mill tailored to suite customer’s specific needs and applications. Well suited for machining wood, plastics, acrylic, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, nylon, phenolics, and also N/F light metals and composite materials

large CNC mill

Fixed table moving gantry, wide selection of tables available, single head with tool changer, or multi heads available, multi drilling units, large vacuum pumps LNC controller

For the machining of wood, plastic, composites and non-ferous materials within the joinery, shop-fitting, wood manufacturing, aerospace, automobile and engineering industries.

gantry CNC mill

Large Machining Centres for sale
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