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Used Adira GHOT 13-40 Guillotine for sale
4000 x 13mm hydraulic

Used Adira GHOT 13-40 Guillotine 4000 x 13mm hydraulic for sale. Adira 4000 x 13mm Guillotine

Serial no.: 2168-6243
Year of manufacture: 1992
Capacity: 4000 x 13mm
Control: GO-2
Equipped with: Programmable back gauge with metric readout
Rapid blade adjustment
3 x work supports
1 x squaring arms
Hydraulic clamps
Input: 415/3/50 AC 18.5 KW approx
Actuated via: Wander type foot switch
Nett weight actual: 15.26 tons (15,500 kgs)

Adira guillotine for sale
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