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New Vacuum Membrane Press for sale

vacuum membrane press

Heavy duty vacuum press for the application of printed and high gloss vinyl membranes. The machine can also be used for flat and formed boards such as kitchen and bedroom components.

Price: From £25,000.00 + vat

Vacuum Membrane Press for sale


A solid UK built vacuum press for the single side application of printed and high gloss material. The unique machine design enables the components to be loaded and unloaded in a safe fashion; without the loss of heat. The controls are conveniently situated on the side of the machine for ease of use.

  1. Platen size 3000mm x 1450mm external (this can be different sizes but only at point of order)
  2. Machine is supplied with front opening of table but this can be changed to side opening only at point of order
  3. 18 elements fitted to heating platen
  4. Power consumption required for machine 25kw
  5. Manual opening and closing of main table
  6. PID thermostat control of elements
  7. Net weight 1200 kgs
  8. Foot print:
    1. Front opening 4000mm x 3300mm
    2. Side opening 1900mm x 6800mm

Machine can be loaded with single or multiple components of various sizes

There are four basic operations to set when using the machine.

  1. The pre-heat time: this determines how long you wish to heat the vinyl membrane up for.
  2. The main temperature display: This will normally be set at around 115 degree but can be adjusted to suit individual requirements.
  3. Vacuum time: This is the timer which is set for how long you wish to have vacuum to the heated vinyl.
  4. Vacuum delay: This is a unique facility fitted for when the component is taken out of the machine it will leave the heat of the press the delay allows the vacuum to stay on the machine so no membrane shrinkage will occur in cold conditions.